These are games I’ve worked on

Nice to meet you (Unity3D / C#)

A dating simulator made in 36 hours for Winter Jam UY 2017.

  • Lead programmer

Rumpus (Unity3D / C#)

A 2D brawler in which you have to take other players out of the screen by throwing items at them.

Produced by Polyraptor Games.

  • Lead programmer


El Cuco de las Computadoras Para Tablets (Unity3d / C#)

An educational game designed to teach people to use tablets.

Commissioned by MEC, a local government agency.

Produced by Trojan Chicken.

  • Programmer


Runnedrez (Unity3D / C#)

An educational chess game in the form of an endless runner.

Produced by Golden Bite Games.

  • Gameplay programmer


Desafío Hyundai (Lua)

An endless runner designed to teach kids about traffic safety.

Commissioned by Hyundai.

Produced by Batovi Games Studio.

  • Gameplay programmer


Totem Garden

A rhythm game with a thematic of ancient rituals

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2016.

  • Programmer


Pacific Offensive

A 2D shooter in which you fight enemy forces by propelling yourself out of your submarine and shooting in mid-air, Matrix style.

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2015.

  • Gameplay programmer.